How is the Oddup score ranked?

Each startup is ranked on a number of elements to give a complete picture of their chance of success. The oddup score is ranked on a scale from 1-100. These ranks are determined via Oddup's patent pending ranking methodology, which determines the startups chance of success. Each ranking is defined under the following risk categories:

  • High risk: Any startup ranked between 1-40 is high risk
  • Medium risk: Any startup ranked between 41-69 is medium risk
  • Low risk: Any startup ranked between 70-100 is low risk.

How is a startup scored?

A startup is scored on a number of factors which help determine its risk

Public Scores. Public Scores are accessible for all account types. 

  • Investor Quality. This refers to the overall quality of the investors in this startup
  • Funding. This refers to the amount of funding that the startup received.
  • Media Buzz. This score reflects the power of the media surrounding the startup, and which Media it has been received in. 

Analyst Scores. Analyst scores are accessible for Analyst and Enterprise account types.

  • Product. This score highlights the innovation and strength of the product
  • Growth. This score highlights the potential growth of this startup
  • Location. This score highlights the value of the location of the startup and its relation to its industry and positioning
  • Investor. This score identifies the value of the investor in assisting the startup achieve success.
  • Team. This score identifies the strength of the management team, board and talent of the startup.
  • Market. This score identifies the addressable market value and the startups position in the value chain.
  • Industry. This score is determined by type of industry and strength of industry in a location.
  • Competitors. This score identifies the startups competitive advantage and its ability to compete against others a similar market space. 

How each startup gets a value, is part of Oddup's analyst scoring methodology. The score is determined by the analysts.